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The pace of innovation in the industry is unrelenting, and companies must look outside as well as inside their organizations to evolve and grow. While most industry participants engage in M&A, venture capital is less universally pursued and perhaps not as broadly understood. At Orion, we see venture investing as an indispensable tool for propelling corporate growth strategies.  Those who do VC reap important advantages over those who don’t.

Key benefits of VC investing include:  


Turbocharge M&A – Through robust acquisition targeting and creation of competitive advantage in auctions via existing ownership stakes, deeper insights, stronger relationships, better integrations, and more control over acquisition timing.


Increase Investment Capacity and Versatility – When P&L capacity is constrained, access external innovation – or externalize internal innovation – by leveraging the balance sheet.  Place “bets” on “moonshot” programs with big upside but too much risk to pursue alone.


Generate Strategic Insights – Explore innovative technologies and white space opportunities to support long-term planning.  Gain an understanding of potentially disruptive technologies.

Reputation and Culture of Innovation – Fuel internal culture and external reputation as a corporate sponsor of innovation within your areas of clinical focus. 


Venture Expertise: Our journey as investors and sponsors of MedTech innovation began 30 years ago.

Deep MedTech Knowledge: During our careers we have engaged directly with every subsector of MedTech and overseen numerous key business functions.

Partnership Model: Our unique model enables our clients to build highly capable investment programs at modest direct expense.

Proven Results: We’ve demonstrated the significant positive strategic and financial returns that a highly capable and well-managed venture capital program can generate for its sponsor company.  We’re excited to bring these results to more leading MedTech companies. 

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