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Helping Today’s Leading Healthcare Companies Invest in the Innovations of Tomorrow 


We build sophisticated venture investment programs that propel our corporate partners into new high-growth markets. 


Our experience and insights help our portfolio companies to succeed and to minimize mistakes. 


The success of our investments delivers returns to our partners and their shareholders as well as to the entrepreneurs with whom we work.

DARK Orion_Nebula_-_Hubble_2006_mosaic_18000.jpg


Orion is a constellation with a nebula within it. As a constellation, Orion is the “Hunter.” The best investors are hunters of opportunity. As a nebula, Orion is the birthplace of stars. It is our intention that our portfolios will be the same.


Our prior experience demonstrated the tremendous boost that a professionally constructed VC portfolio could provide to the growth strategies of its sponsor   

The portfolio we managed fueled the M&A engine at our prior company, delivering eight acquisitions in recent years 

A critical driver of our success was a venture team led by professional investors with capabilities and experience that our competitors could rarely match 

At Orion, we have created a faster and more efficient way for companies to build sophisticated VC programs managed by experienced investors who are also experts in MedTech



Orion Strategic Ventures helps corporate partners create sophisticated venture investment programs   

We Accelerate Growth

We accelerate the long-term growth of our corporate partners through the collaborative creation and management of highly capable venture investment programs that deliver results that matter

Using a Proven Methodology

We bring a proven playbook to source, execute and manage portfolios of meaningful investments that harmonize with and propel overall corporate growth strategies  

And Help Our
Portfolio Companies to Succeed

To our entrepreneurs we bring perspectives honed through our experience as investors, operators and buyers of strategic assets. We help to reduce risks, validate opportunities, and accelerate timelines

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